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Hi guys,


I've been here for awhile, mostly as a lurker. I rarely have a day that I don't come by to read the discussions. I do post a bit when I have something to say, but it's infrequent - you guys are smarter than I and generally say what I would say - only better.


Anyway, I'm going through a tough time. My wife unexpectedly passed away  Sunday afternoon. THAT will certainly give you a new perspective on Ressurrection Day! I'm slogging through all the necessary arrangements and all the stuff you really would rather not have to deal with. Today, we'll be meeting with the Pastor to set up the service. My major concern is that he present the Gospel clearly and compellingly.


Friends, family, and particularly church family have been great. There is a base of support.


Finances will be a big problem since I find myself in a hole after her illness (although she's been sick, we had no clue as to the extent, so no real preparation) and of course everything is budgetted on two paychecks. BIG decisions will need to be made.


Helplessness, grief, desperation.... right where He wants me. I may not be quite there yet, but I can see the wisdom in James' words "Count it all joy".  Thanks for the chance to spout.

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Oh man, Ron: I'm so sorry. I have just prayed for you.
Me too.
I'm praying, Ron.

Ron, I am so sorry.  I prayed when I read this too.

I'm praying as well.
Thanks guys.  I appreciate it. Cyberspace is a crazy place. Although I haven't interacted with you much, I do feel a sort of kinship here.
My heart and prayers go out to you!
Ron, so sorry to hear this.  I was there almost 7 years ago and I know how the administrative and financial details can get overwhelming.  Praying for you brother, that God will amazingly provide what you need and be your comfort during this difficult time.  Thanks for sharing this with us.
Ron, I can't even begin to enter into what you're facing, but I will be praying for you.

I'm so sorry for your loss. We only look forward to the homecoming but it's hard to see through the tears.

I will be praying.

Wow, I am so sorry, brother.  I just prayed for you.



Thanks for your reply. I knew you've gone through this and I appreciate your support. So, far God has shown grace. Just received a great blessing to hear that her life insurance was bigger than we expected. That takes the pressure off at least in the short term.

I don't have much immediate family locally but my church family have been great so far. Some have sacrificed Easter with family and time from work just to sit with me. It's good to know, from your experiences, that it does get better. You seem to be doing well.

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