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Thanks for joining Theologica.

One thing that I want to make sure of is that the conversations here move in a meaningful way. It is very difficult to moderate the question "What is meaningful?" but we will take liberties to do so nonetheless.

What is Meaningful?

1. Not closed minded. If you already know everything, this is probably not the place for you. Hundreds of people together who already know everything yet differ about what they know can quickly detract from meaning. (Me and my wife do this all the time.) In other words, if you have an agenda to use this forum as a highly visible teaching venue to promote aberrant teachings without intending to learn in community this is not the place for you.

2. Not self-promoting. We don't mind you letting others know about how smart you are, but do so sparingly.

3. Not characterized by mass amounts of cut-and-paste proof-texting. We all love the Bible, but just posting Scriptures one after the other often become counter-productive.

4. Not characterized by mass amounts of cut-and-paste from other places. You can repost something you have posted somewhere else, but do so in the appropriate places. If it is really long and article-like, it is a blog. If it is short and meant to create discussion or ask questions, it goes on the forum.

5. Irenic. You are kind, gentle, respectful, and understanding, accurately representing opposing parties, even when you disagree. As hard as that seems, buffet your tongue (or keyboard) here.

6. Not slanderous. All slanderous content naturally violates #5. You will be quickly and eternally (relatively speaking) banned from the site for slander.

7. No Spamming. Spamming can be starting multiple posts or blogs one after the other. Posting cut-and-paste material on everyone's personal pages also qualifies. We are not limiting the amount of posts that you can contribute or how much interaction you can have with each other (this is a networking site), but we will identify spam and delete it nonetheless (we have secret spam decoder rings). Please do not spam the blogs either. Limit yourself to one blog post per day.

8. Perpetual Venting Bitterness. You know what this looks like. If you don't, we will let you know. I know we all have to vent sometimes, but don't become a "venter."

9. Not disruptive. The purpose of Theologica is to generate meaningful discussion within the members and under the purview of the moderators. That being the case we want to maintain a spirit of respect between members and moderators in regards to identity, user name, avatars, personal information, and content. Note: Causing confusion and disruption includes (by its very nature) trolling.

You will not get banned for bad theology. Everyone is welcome to be wrong. Hopefully our community will be able to engage the bad theology meaningfully.

For a complete guide to perfect theology consult someone of the post-mortem variety. If none are available, please realize that you are limited in your understanding. If you don't realize this, please start your own site.

The formers of Theologica identify with historic Christianity, believing in the centrality of the person and work of Jesus Christ. We will moderate with His glory in mind.

Anyone who holds to historic Christianity, can blog here. Those who don't please stick with the forums.

Welcome and may God be glorified in how we conduct ourselves.

To report issues or ask questions, please look to the footer of this site for the appropriate links.

For more about how to conduct yourself on the internet see Blogging to the Glory Shame of God.

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I mean dead people. They have crossed to the other side and know a lot more :)
Not sure if you are serious, but I will bite. In the end, if we did say heresy can't be allowed, who's version of what defines heresy should we use? Don't say the Bible, because it would just move us to the next question: Who's interpretation?

You see, there will be some more fundamentalistic Christians who would have everyone kicked off. And the postmoderns would have people kicked off for the heresy of intollerance.

No, I would rather discussion proceed, hoping that people will be able to handle in a gracious persuasive manner when heresy is introduced. Don't we want to convert the heretic?
You said, "Everyone is welcome to be wrong."

Whew, that's a relief. I am often wrong. But I will just keep plugging along anyway. Thanks, Michael.

There are some very interesting people writing here. But again...the more time I spend time here, the less "things" I am getting done at my job, my house, with my husband, so I have to be careful.

Joanie D.
Mike, I would interpret most of what you are talking about to be under the authority of the local church, but I do think the application can find grounding here so long as we understand the limitations of internet church discipline and how it can be counter-productive in such a venue.
Hey Joanie,

You are right. I've got stuff to do too. Guess, I'd better get up and do my house work. It is nearly 11 am and I need to clean the house, cook, and pick up my kid's at school by noon! I need to iron my son's new shirt, he has a piano recital tonight also. The list goes on, but here I am.........
Michael didn't say post modern. :) He said post mortem. Consult someone who is already dead and with Jesus to get correct theology, since their errors have been corrected already.

See Michael's response to Seraphim...
Can I steel your rules for my theology group?
Vince said:
Maybe we could have a monthly voting system where we could vote which member is most heretical and have a mock burning

I am passionately throwing my weight behind this one .
Thank you for the excellent guidelines.

Very Asian, no losing face but seeking the truth in a gentle way. Guess I have been out of North America so long that I need some cross cultural training.

Love it. Thanks man.
I find it intersting that you can't formalize what is orthodox Christian and what isn't?

So if someone was here promoting the non diety of Jesus Christ or that their is more then one God, or the virgin birth never happened they wouldn't be heretics because you don't know who's interetation of the bible to follow?

Wouldn't you say that 2000 years of Church orthodxy would be the measuring stick?

Just some thoughts

4forchrist said:
I find it intersting that you can't formalize what is orthodox Christian and what isn't?
It isn't that Michael "can't" define orthodox Christian. He left it up to the moderator team to do so and come to a consensus. You can read the definition on the About page linked to from the top of the site. Things like the virgin birth and deity of Christ are covered. And while we may use that definition to define "orthodoxy" or "historical Christianity", we do not use it as a yardstick and call people "heretics" if they don't measure up. Labeling a person doesn't promote irenic discussion. Labeling their beliefs isn't much better. So we try not to use the words "heretic" or "heretical" around here. Daniel

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