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I was thinking last night about how the lottery is portrayed as changing people or bad for people.  But I don't think riches changes you.  I think it REVEALS you.  It just shows the kind of person you were when you couldn't afford things.  What does it say about you if the only thing keeping you from bad choices is no choice at all?  The size of our temptations might change, but our true character and priorities and desires of our heart don't.  What are your thoughts?   

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I agree, but "winning" brings with it a whole new set of problems you had never been prepared for. Like: living quarters for body-guards, private detectives to determine if 200 people that you had never met, or heard of, are actually relatives, Con men trying to sell you better plans than you'd had, TV and news-persons getting in your face, no privacy, "Charitable" donation requests, priority setting: Which ministry needs the most, and which might be "ruined" by a large donation (Won't have to pray, anymore), and a good number of "prophets" whom God has shown what you should do with His gift.

 No Thanks! God has already been meeting all our needs. I'm happy with my little cottage for two, one auto to maintain. already, Too many men's play-toys (he price is higher), and no Play-boy Bunnys to distract me.

 You've convinced me...I'll never, again, even consider, buying a lottery ticket!

In fact, instead of a blessing coming from the Lord, I'd suspect that it was a trap, sent from the enemy of my soul, to lead me off the track that the Lord has prepared for me!

Can't you do that with anything? Sickness doesn't change you: it REVEALS you. A new baby doesn't change you: it REVEALS you. It probably is more honest to say that it does both. You have added a state that you weren't before. Something has changed. But in that change, you also react to it.

Rey; Surely, you're not saying that we never change, inside, as a result of experience? God uses experience, as well as, His Spirit to affect change, in us. God's goal is for us to become more conformed to the image of His Son. Would you admit that "genuine" Christians have been destroyed by circumstances? Or, would you conclude that they were only phonies?

No. I'm saying that the OP is really skewing wrong in the other direction. Of course the Lottery (and experiences) change people. But those things also reveal people. It's not simply doing one or the other. 

You are right.  Perhaps there is a bit of a false dichotomy to the OP.  But it changing how you live is different from changing who you are on the inside.  Chances are, for example, that the person who gives a lot of it away to worthy causes was a giver to begin with.  

Rey Reynoso said:

No. I'm saying that the OP is really skewing wrong in the other direction. Of course the Lottery (and experiences) change people. But those things also reveal people. It's not simply doing one or the other. 

Actually Daniel, I think your OP is interesting. If a barrier is lifted, how do we behave?

Do we find out what we are really like if the economic limit to our behaviour is removed?

Is there a real 'you' that continues to be 'you' no matter what temptations are laid in your path? Could the removal of economic limits be seen as a test of what 'you' are really like?

Tricky questions, with no simple answers.

For myself, I would rather not be offered the problems and the possibilities that come with having limitless funds, because that amounts to limitless power, (in the base world at least) and that's something I really wouldn't enjoy. I'm not saying I wouldn't like enough dough that I never have to worry again, that would be cool, I think. It's just that I don't think I'd be happy with too much of it.

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