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I am not advocating, only helping to facilitate discussion and avoidance of obfuscation. Mr. Cummings is new to the board and apparently unfamiliar with the available features.

Creation and Genesis discussions usually go here, right?  Better editing features and whatnot.  

The discussion starts here and here.  The Powerpoint presentation in question is here:

 Observations Of Moses Sample

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I'm not trying to be rude, but I still am confused to what is ultimately being argued. I see that the argument is everyone else and every other approach is false doctrine. But what is being argued about the planet, about the 4th day, about the firmament, etc?

From what I'm piecing together, I believe his point is that he combines the math of Daniel's 70 weeks where weeks = years and the whole thousand years is a day bit and combines that with the 2nd day being the 2nd day of the 2nd week and the 3rd day being the 3rd day of the third week and so forth to come up with a very, very large yet very defined "week" of creation.  Each of the 7 weeks would be 70 "years" comprised by thousand year long days.  Or something like that.  But considering that I'm allegedly both blind and deaf about this, there is no guarantee that I understood him...which I think is the goal.

Ah. The Bible is encoded to tell us how old the universe is. Just have to work the numbers carefully. Anyways, I'm not so convinced the Bible was given to tell us how long it took and how old things are. Definitely think numbers play a role at times. But not searching for the secret keys with the numbers. Still, though I'm not blind and deaf, I am dense about these things.

I agree with him on one thing though.  It's definitely a new and unique understanding of this chapter.  Not sure what would justify it though.  WHY should we understand it that way?  Saying that the other alternatives are wrong just begs the question.  What indication do we have that the original audience understood it that way?

Has he been with you so long and yet you neither see nor hear? DVD follows DVC. Guess what DVC means ( hint for beginners: code = numbers).

I'm also not trying to be rude, but I frankly don't understand the point of this presentation. Its author keeps leading you on to believe he's going to say something, and then stops you and makes you backtrack to other things, and then leads you, and then takes you back...

there just doesn't seem to be an overarching theme or message of this presentation, other than "I'm right, y'all is wrong, and I'm not going to tell you how to get from point A to point B."

I think that this universe is 1 of about 49 universes and Herman knows more than he's letting on.

If you have a question about Genesis, you don't ask some skeptic that doesn't believe the truth of the Bible to explain it.  

God was showing Moses one day (a Monday, a Tuesday, a Wednesday, etc) from seven different time periods, from Creation Week (Wednesday), to later periods of time.  Each vision that Moses saw was 12 hours (not 24 hrs) long.  That is the reason chapter one and chapter two are not in the same sequence...., different advents of mankind.  

We have Creation Week (Wednesday), and six restoration weeks that follow, the days being in a particular order.  Therefore, those seven days represent seven different time periods, which explains the "jumps" in the fossil record. 

There was extinction, followed by a week of restoration. 

The presentation is 62 minutes long.  What you see above is just about 11 minutes.


Herman Cummings

In the quiet few weeks before Mrs Adam started to say a few words, then Adam was probably asking his Creator about...everything. Herman is nearly correct.
11 minutes is a very short day. Gen 2.4 says that heaven and earth were made in a day (Tuesday and Wednesday being 1 day) which is longer than skeptics believe and Sunday the first day was denied by everyone or else was very short.

There are several Hermans out there. One of them is saying that a creative day is longer near the poles as "a morning can stretch out for months". This may well be true and the logic is persuasive. It probably depends which day of the week it is particularly a south pole morning on 29 February.

oh boy...

You said it!

Marv said:

oh boy...

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