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I'm a Christian geek with diverse interests ranging from Adobe products to Zombie infestations. Unmoored from my hometown of New York City, I spend my day hours as an art director for a major sports publication while my nights and weekends are absorbed by my faith, family and nerd-needs.


I was Saved at 8 but grounded in the faith with the reality of the resurrection of Christ at 14. What I specifically believe could be found somewhat on my about page but mostly from what I've written. I've been used by God as a teacher at various churches (some of it is online) and within the home with my wife. Our epic homeschool battles versus our three children rival those of ancient Beleriand.

I enjoy philosophy. I enjoy theology. I read a ridiculous amount of books. So I enjoy that too. 


My tone of voice in the e-forums is short but it's not because I'm being short. I'm pressed for time and I like to get to the point even if I write too many words in getting to that point. That being said, I do try to take you seriously (Here's examples of how seriously).


You can probably stalk me at my main site (there's links to my twitter, facebook, etc on there) or limit your exposure to my stench by simply reading either my bible blog or my random blog.

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The homeschool link. Hmm, is this a sign you have lost the battle?
You already have a thread. And now you want another one??
Rey is a narcissist. Oops. Wrong thread.

Char said:
You already have a thread. And now you want another one??
I suppose that as an art director, you are everything Apple as my son-in-law is, he is an art director also.
Oh, forgot this is Rey's new thread.
I do all of my magazine work on a mac but when I design anything for the web I work on PC. Personally I loved early Apple (when they had quality parts to back their price point) but now I abhor them since they're just a pretty facade on a cheapo pc.

I know we already did this, but just a reminder that Rey used to star in CSI Las Vegas. ;)


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