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Was our forefathers right or wrong when they opposed King George prior to American independence?

Would you have supported their efforts for our Christian heritage or opposed them and why?

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Sorry but I resepctfully diasagree with you. The Declaration is not based on Christian principles. Thomas Jefferson was at best a diest who did not accept that Christ had been resurrected. He wrote a gospel account that ended with Christ being burried. Jefferson was influenced by Locke.

In fact the last line of the Declaration includes a phrase that reads "with a firm reliance on divine providence." Jefferson had to be persuaded to add that after he wrote the document. John Adams and Jefferson were political opposites however they were life long friends and John Adams prayed that Jefferson would become a Christian.

Rayner Markley said:
The Declaration of Independence is a political document that is consistent with Christian principles. It rejects the notion that citizens must obey rulers because God set them to rule and to oppose them is to oppose God's will. If God sets people to rule, well, He changes rulers quite often. And He uses people as agents of change, so the argument about opposing God's will is a washout.

Actually, I'm not convinced that God chooses and sets up rulers at all. Like the weather, political events have perfectly natural causes even though we may like to speak of God's role in such things.
Rayner may I suggest verses Dan2:21,37 John 19:1 and Romans 13:1f which are but a few that show that God not only rules over governments but he puts them in place. I believe Psalm 22:8 or 9 is also another.

Rayner Markley said:

Actually, I'm not convinced that God chooses and sets up rulers at all. Like the weather, political events have perfectly natural causes even though we may like to speak of God's role in such things.
Many of the Founding Fathers were not truly Christian but were Deitist such as Jefferson, Franklin, etc.
And especially Thomas Paine.

John, we agree that Jefferson wasn't an orthodox Christian believer, but we're talking about the document, not the man. The Declaration does refer to the Creator, and I'm not aware of anything inconsistent with Christian belief.
But I haven't looked closely. Please point out any inconsistencies that you see.

Yes, Scripture does say that God sets up rulers. That's what Bible authors and people of the time believed. They also believed that God gathered the clouds for rain (Gen. 9:14). It may be so, but He may do it by natural means. So, how do we properly speak of both natural and divine causes?
Seraphim, I agree, but mentioning the Creator isn't inconsistent with Christian beliefs. I'm looking for some inconsistency in the Declaration. Maybe it's there. Please point it out.

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