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What are moral issues that all Christian groups unanimously agree on? And if not unanimously, at least near unanimously.

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I'll start...

* abortion - nearly all Christian groups are "pro-life", agreeing that abortion is morally unjust
That we all fail miserably at doing the morally correct thing.

Thanks be to God in Jesus Christ our Lord.
* Sex outside of marriage is sinful - even pro-gay-marriage denominations would adhere to this, since part of the rational for recognizing gay marriage is to sanctify gay sex within the context of marriage.
That we can't agree on anything regarding morals because someone is always looking for any excuse why they shouldn't obey it.
Yes, I agree. The question should really be Christian groups, not Christians, because as Char, Lisa, and Michael point out, as sinful people we are masters at rationalizing. But for the most part, I hope, I expect most Christian groups to agree on certain moral issues. That's what I hope to uncover here. Sure there are always fringe groups that make truly unanimous beliefs impossible, but nearly unanimous beliefs should still be possible, right?

To put the question another way, what sins are claimed to be sins universally (or nearly so) among Christian groups?
Let me try a few of the 10 commandments...

* Idolatry
* Murder
* Adultery
* Stealing
* Lying
* Jealousy

(let me know if there are any mainline (i.e. non-fringe) groups that would disqualify any of these)
Interesting Craig, can you outline the 5 vs. 2 differences? I've not heard that before.

Craig Falvo said:
I partially agree with your comment. I would agree that we can't agree on anything regarding morals. I disagree with your reason why. I think it has to do with the way liberals and conservatives form moral judgments. According to Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, there are five cross-culturally universal domains of moral intuition. Conservatives tend to use all five, while liberals, being skeptical of their feeling of three domains, only use two.

Michael Ballai said:
That we can't agree on anything regarding morals because someone is always looking for any excuse why they shouldn't obey it.
I wasn't trying to be overly creative here.

Pick your favorite definition:
* an offense against God
* missing the mark of holiness
* a morally bad act
* a transgression of the law
* an act not in accord with reason informed by the Divine law
* an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience
* failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods
* anything that wounds the nature of man and injures human solidarity
* an utterance, a deed, or a desire contrary to the eternal law

Lisa said:
I think you would need to define sin.
Craig, that is totally fascinating, and a reasoned/wise approach to the subject
Here's that cool thingy Joanne posted awhile back.

I remember scoring higher than most liberals on the liberal issues and higher than most conservatives on the conservative issues.
Cool Char!! Glad you found that thing back!

Craig, that sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading. I find myself in a no-man's-land often. 'Round here (where I live) a Christian is a Republican, end of story. Whereas I can't hardly support the Democratic platform, I can't find myself supporting the Republican one either. If I lived in Germany I'd be in fat city, with a woman chancellor and the Christian Green Party.


Specific issues, and even a code of ethics, or a code of morality, seldom seem to be straightforward. Take the sanctity of life for instance. Should seem like a slam dunk. Protect all life and honor it, for the Lord alone brings life into being and life is His alone to snuff out.

But wait. We have soldiers. Okay, so besides soldiers.

But wait, we have people on life support who are showing no brain functions. Okay, besides that sticky issue.

But wait, we have people who have signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" on their living will.

And these are the easier issues concerning sanctity of life. What about the death penalty? What about the current thread on whether Christians are permitted to defend themselves using deadly force? Should we spray DDT on swamps to prevent malaria in tropical Africa, and tropical South America?

Then we get into reproductive issues which not only are complex to begin with, but we often move into whose life do you save situation? The mother or the baby?

It seems impossible to find a blanket policy that covers everything, that does not impinge on one or another's emphasis on a particular virtue, moral code, or code of ethics.

Craig Falvo said:
Thanks, I wish I could take credit for it. I actually just read about it in the book Lost in the Middle? Claiming an Inclusive Faith for Christians Who Are Both Liberal and Evangelical. Pretty much the first half of the book covers the conflict between conservatives and liberals and why moderates feel lost in the middle.

joanne guarnieri said:
Craig, that is totally fascinating, and a reasoned/wise approach to the subject
The problem with middle of the road is that those people are afraid to take a stand. They always say "why can't we all get along". Take abortion, it is plain wrong, but they will say that is a personal decision. Ordination of homosexuals and homosexual marriage, they will say that probation doesn't apply in this age, everyone should get along. Give me a break!

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