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The Truth of Genesis: An Appeal Written to Pat Robertson, the 700 Club, & Regent University

In response to a lady's inquiry, Pat Robertson of the 700 Club admitted that the Earth is more than just 6,000 years old. But he couldn't go far enough to completely answer her question, or to resolve her dilemma.  This is a letter written to him, the 700 Club, & Regent University.


My name is Herman Cummings.   As you look at the news on the web, you see that there is a lot of talk about Mr. Pat Robertson withdrawing away from "young Earth" Creationism.  Creation Science is foolish doctrine that misrepresents the scriptures, and only part of the time adheres to literal interpretation. They can't explain where the water came from on "the first day".  Old Earth Creationism teaches false doctrine, and does not take the Genesis text literally, calling God a liar (Exodus 20:11).  They can't explain "the Fourth Day".

On April 15th, Easter Sunday, 1990, a lady stood up in Sunday School and asked the pastor "How can I teach my teenaged children about Adam & Eve, and the Garden of Eden, when all they are being taught in school is evolution?".   All the pastor would say is "Just believe the Bible".   That was of no help.   Just like the lady that asked you about help explaining Genesis to her family, all you could say (and wisely so), was that "the Earth is more than just 6,000 years old", and you can see the Internet fallout that your comment generated.

Now, the Bible is in question, because for the past 19 years, both Creationism and Theology have refused to learn and accept the truth of Genesis, namely the "Observations of Moses".

Let me convey my own experience.   When I saw that the lady in Sunday School was pleading for help, and that the Clergy could not address the issue, I decided to resolve the controversy.  I didn't care if I proved Science to be wrong, or Genesis to be wrong.   Notice that I said "Genesis", and not "Creationism".   I found out that current Creationism is false, and has always had the wrong view of Genesis.

Five years after I heard the lady plead for help, my own teenaged son came home from school.  At the dinner table, he abruptly said that he learned that Genesis is a "fairly tale".   He felt betrayed by what he had believed in, and was disappointed that his parents were so gullible.  But by then, I had learned the truth of Genesis, and told him that I would explain chapter one after dinner.

I showed him what is called the "Observations of Moses".   It is the ONLY true rendition of Genesis.  When my son saw a facsimile of what Moses saw, and read the scriptures (in their chronological order), his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning.   His belief in the Bible, and his faith in God was restored.   This was in 1995.

Since then, I have tried to help other parents in teaching their children the truth of Genesis.   Of course, the secular school boards refuse to even look at the truth.   But the main problem is that the Clergy has joined hands with the Atheists, and has not allowed the PowerPoint presentation to be seen by their congregations and community.   Why is that?   What is to gain by hiding the truth of Genesis from the people?

Put my name (Herman Cummings) and the word 'Genesis' on Google, and observe what you find.  I've been a "voice crying in the wilderness" for years, but stubborn mankind, especially those that call themselves lovers of the truth, refuse to listen, see, and learn.   They crack jokes instead.  

So why do the Atheists not believe in God?   It's not because of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts.   It's because they don't believe what they have been told about Genesis, and they have been told the wrong thing.   The world of Theology compounds the growing problem of Atheism, because they refuse to repent, and throw away tradition, and start teaching the truth.   Even the Pope at the Vatican refused to respond, and look at the presentation.

A sinner is told to admit that they are a sinner (that they are wrong), and to repent and accept the truth of God's love.   Why won't Theology practice what it preaches and repent, accept, and proclaim the literal truth of God Word?   Before trying to teach others, Theology should first learn what the truth is themselves.

The PowerPoint Presentation is 62 minutes, and I answer questions afterwards.   It biblically reveals the truth about the fossil and geologic histories of Earth.   What is to gain by continuing to teach false doctrine?   How can an untruth (Creationism), ever prove another lie (evolution), to be in error?


Herman Cummings

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Comment by Daniel on December 1, 2012 at 9:31pm

Herman, Pat Robertson doesn't read this site any more than the Queen of England does.  /sigh  If you are interested in discussions with people HERE, feel free to continue to post.  Otherwise, you are on a short road to having all your content here banned and your account deleted for not following our guidelines which specifically preclude self promotion of your now infamous powerpoint presentation.

Comment by Jason on December 2, 2012 at 7:19am
Thank you, Daniel.


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