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The Truth of Genesis: Evolution Can't Explain the Paranormal!

What is the meaning of "paranormal"?   It is a term that is used to identify that which is designated as being "above or outside" of normal expectancy. We can pretty much predict or observe that which is in the "natural" or physical world, but we can't directly see that which is "supernatural".   Paranormal identifies a variety of anomalous phenomena that can't be explained by traditional secular or scientific knowledge. 

Associated with the term paranormal, is the word "incorporeality", which means a state of being which does not have a physical body, or a natural presence that can be seen or detected, and has not become so by artificial means.   This is opposite of the word "corporeal", which means having a material or physical form.   This leads us to the definitions of "ghost", and "spirit".   A ghost is a incorporeal being that once had a corporeal existence.   A spirit is a being or entity that has never had a corporeal or (natural) physical existence.

This is one of several areas that the evolution theory is exposed as being inept, and a failure at explaining the existence of life.   The theory of evolution begins with inorganic, corporeal matter, and it is accepted as the explanation of how physical life forms appeared within the world we see.   By some sort of random chance (magic), non-life gave birth to life.    That means that the evolution theory denies that there is any non-corporeal existence, else it would have to explain where spirits come from, and how ghosts come into play, creating a paranormal arena.   Therefore, both Atheism and evolution deny the existence of the supernatural, and not just the existence of God.

If that be the case, why is there the belief in astrology, and the science of parapsychology?   Does evolution also deny the existence of clairvoyancy?   The term clairvoyance is used as an umbrella to define concepts such as "precognition", and "retro-cognition"; both which are explained as being "prophetic dreams and visions", which are sent to the corporeal being (the receiver) by a non-corporeal source.   This advances us to the "Observations of Moses".

In 1598 BC, about two months after crossing the Red Sea, Moses walked part way up Mt. Sinai (Exodus chapter 24), and was given by God, visions of several days which had occurred in the ancient past.   Each vision was 12 hours long, starting in the evening, and ending the next morning of the following day, for six days.   Each vision was of the daylight hours of a 24 hour day, and each day was of a different week and time period, but the visions were not given in chronological order, but rather in Messianic order.   Therefore, what has been called "the first day of Creation" was not part of Creation Week, as current Creationism mistakenly claims.   Only the Fourth Day was of Creation Week.   The rest of the days represented six weeks of restoration, following extinction events.  

This means that God conveyed to Moses visions of pre-historic man, which was of the time period of about 64 Million BC (the sixth day, chapter one), which occurred long before Adam was made and put into the Garden of Eden (chapter two).   That is why the sequence of events is not the same, for they are of two different time periods.   Mankind of chapter one was the first to be made "in God's image".   Adam, of chapter two, was simply the first of modern mankind which was formed in 7,200 BC.   The seven different time periods of Divine Activity is the correct explanation of the "jumps" in the fossil record of Earth.

God is a Spirit, of the Supernatural Realm, who created our natural realm (our universe) which we see.   He is the Supernatural Entity that created animate existence (objects that that have signaling and self-sustaining processes).   What gives corporeal objects (bodies) "life", are non-corporeal entities (spirits), were are created and given by God.

Therefore, even though Atheists and evolutionists deny the existence of the reality of the paranormal, it does not block the reality of coming judgment, which every given spirit that God has created must face at the appointed time.      

So where do "dis-embodied spirits" come from?   They come from chapter six of Genesis, who later died in 2611 BC.

Herman Cummings

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Comment by Daniel on October 6, 2012 at 8:47pm

Saying that evolution can't explain the supernatural is like saying that chemistry or geometry can't explain the supernatural.  Just because something is silent about the supernatural doesn't mean that it is ANTI supernatural.

Comment by Herman Cummings on October 6, 2012 at 10:22pm

You are a blind fanatic, Daniel.  The article specifically says that evolution could not have produced incorporeal entities.  Or is it that you don't have a good command of the King's English?  You see only what you want to see.  I'll ignore you from now on.

Comment by Daniel on October 6, 2012 at 10:49pm

Herman, you're new here so I am gong to let the name calling pass.  But this is the ONLY pass you are going to get for that kind of behavior.  Do it again and you're gone.

My point is the evolution is the study of change of life, not the ORIGIN of life.  And it only studies NATUAL life, not supernatural incorporeal entities.  It has as much to do with those things as geometry or astronomy.  

Comment by UR Moderator Bot on October 7, 2012 at 4:49am
Herman, stop deliberately belittling those who disagree with you. Arrogance is not a virtue. No name calling. Interact with the subject matter and the talking points those who disagree with you present. Period.
Comment by Jason on October 7, 2012 at 7:44am
Where does the text tell us that the creation days were days of revelation?
Comment by Daniel on October 7, 2012 at 8:03am

The days of revelation, while I usually don't see them spread apart in quite this way, look at the first part of the days where God speaks ("And God said") and says that is what happens on each day and fulfillment of it starts then but continues over time.  The "and this is what happened next" bits are seen as parenthetical.  Several interpretations have this idea of the actions not being confined to teh days in them.  Theistic evolution, progressive creation, the belief that it is purpose and function being defined, and so forth all have this idea that God is saying something on a particular day and that it continues from then.  The first two are more concentrated on actions and physical creation of material stuff, while the last (what I currently believe) doesn't even take it that far.  This "observations of Moses" take on things though is different.  It doesn't just have general "God spoke things on each day", but a specific revelation to Moses, the assumed author of Genesis 1.  But that isn't the only assumption.  We also have the assumption that these "days of revelation" happened at a specific place and time.  It also then assumes how long the daylight hours were at that geographic place and time.  The other "days of revelation" approaches I've seen were pretty vague in that regard and just said these were days in which the creation story was revealed to the author of Genesis.  In a sense, it takes the "days of revelation" view where God is the focus and flips it on its head and Moses becomes the main character and sees things on each day.  Reminds me of Ellen G White's visions of the creation week that she relayed to the SDA church.  The focus shifts to the "prophet".

Comment by David Armstrong on October 9, 2012 at 11:10pm

You're right, evolution doesn't account for the paranormal...and it doesn't try to. It's not concerned with it at all. It's a field that strictly studies how life changes over time that we as Christians can look at and shouldn't have a crisis of faith to find or even consider that it's true. Because nothing about the theory of evolution attacks, minimizes, or destroys any principle of the Gospel. Not a single one.

Comment by Herman Cummings on October 10, 2012 at 12:44pm

Evolution has to account for the paranormal, or else it is invalid.  If it can not produce incorporeal entities, then it is a false conclusion, and "life" is created by other means.  Anytime a living being is born/hatched into this world, their "spirit" comes from somewhere, outside of the evolution scenario.  So where does (lingering) "life" come from?

The Evolution Theory tries to avoid immediate failure, by delegating obvious shortcomings to other disciplines (such as abiogenesis, and saying life originated from outer space), but it won't work. 

If science can not answer these questions with a sensible rsponse, then its conclusion are without any merit.


Comment by Daniel on October 10, 2012 at 9:05pm

That is like saying cookbooks have to account for astronomy or it's invalid.  Neither cookbooks nor astronomy nor biology even address the paranormal.  As such, there is nothing they say about them one way or the other.  Evolution no more disproves the paranormal than the paranormal disproves cookie recipes.  

So lets address evolution. Do you believe it happens at all?  If so, are there limits to it?  What are they?  If not, how do you explain genetic change?


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